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Knee wrapping performance, safety and ease of use. The patented Gripper Wraps™ provide support above and beyond anything from anywhere before.• Safest wrap ever. Stays in place. Doesn’t slide or slip around. Provides the most security in knee joint protection ever.• Grips to itself. No need for stickum or chalk to make your wrap stick.
• Locks. The Gripper™ knee wraps grab the surface of each revolution around your knee making the wrap lock in place.

• Cast-like feel. You can get that rare cast-like effect with less effort in wrapping the knees.

• Rebound. How can a wrap be both cast-like and have rebound through the whole range of motion? You’ll experience both these benefits!

• Comfort. Experience full throttle support with more comfort.

• Easier wrapping. Whether you wrap your own knees or someone wraps them for you, Gripper Wraps™ stay after each go-round on the knee. Yesterday’s wraps can snap back and slip-slack around, but the Gripper Wraps™ stays in place after you place it where you want it. An accidental drop or miss-grab of your previous wraps allow yesterday’s wrap to slip back around your knee and you have to start all over again. The Gripper™ keeps the wrap mostly where you left off, so you can begin wrapping again more easily.

• Versatility. Gripper Wraps™ are the best wrap for when you want to wrap to max tightness. Gripper Wraps™ are also the best for snug-tightness wrapping. Even when you want to wrap loosely, Gripper Wraps™ are the absolute best. In fact when wrapping loosely Gripper Wraps™ provide a buoyant feel and superior support for reps.

A few of the quotes after pre-market samples:
“Awesome. These are my new favorites. I love them.” Tony Harris, IPF World Champion

“We cranked down on them and good Lord I liked them. Tremendous rebound out of the hole. They’re more comfortable too. I definitely need more of these.” Wade Hooper, IPF World Champion

Gripper Wraps™ are IPF approved and listed as Inzer Advance Designs W50 Wraps in the approved list.

All Products can be produced according to customer\’s designs and specification. With customer brand Name and logo.

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